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Mb Mb Mb Mb Mb Mb Mb Mb Mb Organic molecules in a water
                                                    droplet Partitioning into lipid membranes Molecule in a membrane droplet organic droplet Beach droplet water doplet with Br- Iodo-retinal Simulation box with Rhesus protein trimer Iodo-retinal Iodo-retinal Water droplet with bromide in nice light Pore in Rhesus protein Two aquaporin tetramers Aquaporin water pore and central cavity lipid membrane T4L PCA modes 1 and 2 FocA channel Hemoglobin simulation box Hemoglobin T-R transition Aquaporin monomer filled by water file Putative CO2 pathway across Aquaporin-1 Aquaporin tetramer in top view Aquaporin water pore and central cavity Collective motion of T4 lysozyme Leucine binding protein Leucine binding protein